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Carus Consultants have long experience of assessing applications from Charities on behalf of grant making Trusts covering diverse fields of homelessness, mental health, hospices, refugee projects, counselling, self help, youth projects, learning difficulties and more.

Charities have varied from very small local projects to major national presences. We have made recommendations on awards to causes in India, China, South Africa and Russia. In 2004/05 we acted in the disbursement of almost £2 million of Trust money in grants ranging from £1000 to £800,000. Due diligence visits have been carried out throughout the U.K. and in India.

In 2006, 4 Acre trust commissioned us to carry out a research project.  The work sought to explore the tensions between the parameters that apply to most grant making and the stated needs of provider charities.  The full report is accessible through this website. 

Whilst provoking much reaction in the Charity Press the debate has brought into focus the importance of relationships and the need for Trusts to gain best value for their funds whilst not taking on indefinite obligations.  Carus is committed to assisting in this process as we believe it is crucial to the future of the sector.

Uniquely, we have for four years, been offering ADDED VALUE TO GRANTS by carrying out CONSULTANCY visits to award recipients. This has proven to be immensely appreciated by the Charities concerned and has presented the Trust as a responsible agency looking to support Charities beyond simple gifts of money. In some instances applicants have been awarded consultancy time instead of or prior to grant awards.

Initially seen as a means of 'levelling the playing field' for small Charities without access to professional fundraising expertise, the exercise has proved to be just as valued by the larger organisations as well. The presence of an informed 'outsider' to provide objectivity to the issues of concern within the organisation is often a refreshing and welcomed support to those immersed in the operation of their organisations.

Carus Consultants are ideally placed to be able to deliver the consultations. With 25 years experience of working in both national and local Charities a breadth of knowledge has been acquired that can be applied to all settings. Often the time spent can be more accurately described as organisational counselling than fund raising or governance advice. Having carried out numerous such exercises the technique of delivering intensive short term consultancy is now well honed.