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Carus Consultants are able to offer training on fund raising and marketing either with a broad focus or directed at particular sectors. We are particularly able to work with smaller charities (and groups of charities) that do not have access to their own paid fund raising personnel.

Training sessions can be introductory, one-off or delivered as a sequence of modules for those requiring more comprehensive knowledge. We are happy to devise courses based upon particular needs and requests.

The style of delivery is typically informal, interactive and fun. The aim of any training is to enable attendees to leave with more confidence in their ability to address the issues of concern. We do not provide formulaic answers to specific problems.

'There is little to be gained from training sessions that simply offer the same information that could be more easily gathered by reading one of the many fund raising guides that are widely available. Whilst general background knowledge is useful, a 'one size fits all approach' rarely equips the reader to progress their own cause's agenda. Training needs to respond to the particular needs of those attending and the content of courses therefore relies upon participation. Such participation is most easily achieved in an informal, experiential context'

Bob Cornell has a wealth of experience to call upon. He has founded a Charity and taken it to £1m+ turnover as well as worked as a CEO and a Head of Fundraising. He has acted as a grants assessor for a number of Trusts over the past ten years, acts for one of the U.K.'s top 200 companies in their philanthropic giving and serves as Chair of Trustees of a national Charity.

Fees are reasonable and training can be designed to fit the budget available.