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Carus Consultants are unique. Not only do we offer assistance to grant seekers but we provide services to grant makers. Last year we were sole agents for the distribution of nearly £2 million. In this way, we can ensure that our Trust fund raising advice is based upon current knowledge of the crucial factors.

Our poacher and gamekeeper role provides both parties with up to date insights into the 'marketplace'. There is no conflict of interest in this duality as all our activity is conducted in an honest and open manner to the mutual benefit of all.

Further to the roles of assisting grant makers and grant seekers, we also ensure that we have at least one account where we are actively carrying out fund raising. In this way, we never lose sight of the crucial detail of carrying out the work. Our fund raising account includes community, corporate, legacy, donation and event activity so that our knowledge is always up to date and grounded in real experience.

Carus Consultants provide tailored advice to suit any size of organisation. Crucially, we make sure that whatever plans or recommendations are made are capable of being carried out by the organisation concerned. We are aware that, too often, fund raising consultants offer models that are based on proven formulas but have little chance of being put in to practice. We have extensive experience of working with organisations that have no dedicated or paid fundraisers. For these organisations we are determined to 'level the playing field' and empower volunteers, trustees and service staff to operate successful fund raising plans. For larger organisations we offer objective help grounded in many years experience of 'being there and doing it'.

Our fundraising audit service enables a platform for strategic planning to be achieved, usually over a period of just a few days. We have worked with national organisations, umbrella bodies and high turnover service providers.

We are also pleased to be able to carry out 'organisational health' work. We can offer assistance in governance issues, conflict resolution, recruitment and even pension provision. We are pleased to respond to any enquiry about our services and will usually offer a free initial consultation.