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What Business in the Community say about the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Enhancing reputation '44% of the British public believe it is very important that a company shows a high degree of social responsibility when they buy the company's product'

Building trust with all stakeholders through corporate giving can result in the community, government, investor and media changing and improving their perception of a business and its service or product.

Employee satisfaction 60% of people state that they want to work for a company whose values are consistent with their own'

The internal PR gains of a corporate responsibility programme together with the increased opportunities for advancement and learning through volunteering have been demonstrated as key factors in the recruitment and retention of talented people. Engagement with the Company's charitable activity consolidates loyalty to and identification with the company by the employees.

Access to Capital '86% of institutional investors across Europe believe that social and environmental risk management will have a significantly positive impact on a company's long term value'

Corporate responsibility is increasingly being seen as a key indicator to the quality of management of a company. There is increasing evidence to investors of a link between good corporate citizenship and good financial performance.

Innovation and Learning 'Environmental constraints and societal pressure are narrowing the window of opportunity for business'

Corporate responsibility stimulates learning and innovation within organisations helping to identify new market opportunities, establish more efficient business processes and to maintain competitiveness.