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It is important to clarify the object of the charitable activity. Even where no specific agenda exists for the giving, it is rarely appropriate for it to be an entirely random process. Consultation with all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, directors, customers etc.) can enable a sharper focus to be gained and one that has the subscription of all concerned. The consultation process can be by focus groups, questionnaires, telephone/email/text interviews etc. In some instances, a regular process of review can not only allow shifts in the focus to happen but can reinforce the valuable sense of ownership gained. Frequently, a company will not be using all of its potential to support social causes. Carus Consultants can carry out an audit of the opportunities that exist, many of which will be 'pain free' and involve no cost to the business. These opportunities include:

Gifts in kind - Employee volunteering - Team building events -
Payroll giving - Recycling of unwanted items - Reciprocal communications
Use of services/facilities

Carus Consultants can, without interruption to your business, provide your company with a complete and consensual programme for charitable activity.